Ms. Adventures of the Inland Northwest

Group Description

Welcome Women of the Inland Northwest who love the outdoors! Ms. Adventures of the Inland Northwest wants to get you outside all year around to enjoy scenery and friendships with other nature-oriented women.  We'll be walking, hiking, biking and more. Our walks, hikes and snowshoes will range from two to six miles (or more!) at a leisurely pace. Our bike rides will be easy and gentle rides, mostly along paved trails. We welcome young and old, shy and talkative, energetic and lazy (but hopefully you want to change the latter!), those who are outdoor activity "wannabees", are recovering from an injury or those trying to become more fit and/or lose weight to join us. We will NOT leave anyone behind!

To be a part of this group you must have a good sense of humor and want to enjoy a camaraderie with your fellow Ms. Adventurers. We hope to add experiences as time progresses. We would like to extend our leadership to include activities such as nature sketching, journaling, and crafts. We may look outside of the group for people to share their expertise with us but we encourage YOU to get involved. Maybe you'd like to lead an hour long walk along the Centennial Trail once a week? Perhaps there's an awesome nature craft you'd like to share with fellow members? Or, you hiked up to Mineral Ridge near Coeur d'Alene one time, LOVED it, and want to go back but don't want to go alone? The more days, times and activities we can offer, the more diverse we will be and the stronger our group will become.

(Please, a request: If you've RSVPed "Yes" and can't come, please remember to change your RSVP to "No". It's okay to change your mind and we understand that things come up. We just like to know who is coming. If you're still a "Yes" when the activity starts, we'll be looking for you. And we're women, so we worry!!!!)

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