The Spokane Kayak Meetup Group

Group Description

Meet local kayakers. Paddlers of all levels of experience, including first time kayakers, are encouraged to join.  Get on the water, get some fresh air and exercise, and make great friends! 

The Spokane Kayak Meetup Group, is sponsored by Project E2.  All members are encouraged to get involved in scheduling trips and other events.  Please email or call group organizers Davo & Montana at Project E2 if you would like to be an assistant organizer of the group, or if you have any questions.

If you are an avid paddler with years of experience or someone who has never paddled before, but always wanted to, we have a place for you.  With our expert coaches, extra equipment, and knowledge of the waterways in the Inland Northwest, we are here to help you see everything kayaking has to offer.  Get ready, because we are here to show you something that will bring a lifetime of enjoyment.



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