Spokane Hiking Adventures

Group Description

Spokane Hiking Adventures  has been blessed with a pleasant, positive atmosphere among the group and beautiful areas in which we partake in hiking and adventure...

Currently, we are limiting the group to only 50 members due to the price increase for the website after 50 people and wanting to keep it simple.   Meetup does not allow the "join us" button to be temporary deleted.  Also, being an organizer is all volunteer time and energy and I am unable to take on more. 

The purpose of having this information on the home page is to give potential members and guests awareness of what we are about...

       Welcome to our new hiking family, dedicating to keeping it "sweet and simple!"

I am so delighted that we are keeping uplifted mentally, emotionally, physically and socially as we enjoy our outdoor surroundings!  I see the benefiting aids and positive outcomes it has had in other's lives on many different levels.  Life and people are precious folks, so lets take good care of each other.

All hikers are on different levels so we need to be patient with one another, do the best we can and choose hikes that fit our abilities/enjoyment.  We will provide hikes that entail easy, moderate to strenuous activity, along with some unique areas for us to explore.  We will post hiking/snowshoeing events and occasionally kayaking, camping and other outdoor events as well, with a limit of 10-20 people (for hikes). Trailwork parties are an added bonus!

Please change your RSVP ASAP as need be for the consideration of others and to those that may be on the waitlist.  Be kind and be ON TIME out of respect for the entire group with clear communication in the comments.

Currently, there are no membership dues but contributions will be accepted to keep the website running. We may host "donation hikes" every once in a great while. 

Out of consideration and safety of our hikers and others who share the trail, well behaved dogs are welcome, but may be required to stay leashed to avoid distraction, tripping or falls.  Please be considerate and allow other's their space.  Each hike leader will have their own rules about "off leash", depending on location.  If you have a concern, please ask each hike leader. 

Please show up prepared with proper clothing, plenty of food and water.  It is a good idea to always have these essentials in your pack:

    Navigation  (map and compass or GPS with maps of the area)

    Sun Protection  (sunglasses and sunscreen)

    Extra Clothing  (always bring a rain jacket)

    Hydration  (extra water and water purification tablets)

    Waterproof matches  (add two small candles or cotton balls covered in vaseline)

    First Aid Supplies  (tape, bandages, disinfecting ointment, OTC pain meds, Benadryl) 


    Extra food

    Emergency Shelter  (space blankets are light and take up little space)


*In an emergency, you should be able to survive the night with the materials in your pack.

It is also smart to have Chapstick handy, bug repellent and an emergency contact written up, also located in your pack. 

By becoming a meetup member, you and your guests have agreed and understand that you are responsible for your own safety and all the risks involved in any activity.  To review see:  http://www.meetup.com/terms/ especially paragraph 6.2

It is a great idea to set up a separate email address for meetup events, especially if you belong to many groups.  This helps filter out business from personal so it's not so overwhelming. 

Also, this won't be a dating site, so please don't make others feel uncomfortable.  We are looking forward to establishing some new friendships and connecting with nature and ourselves in a more meaningful way!

                                           Cedar Lakes...  https://youtu.be/VXmla6Vl_Zo

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