Trailblazen Women's Adventure Group of Inland NW

Group Description

This is intended to be a can-do group of women adventurers, fka "Tomboy Leanin" who explore, push their limits, and appreciate wilderness and community. The immediate goal for the group is to gather some Inland Northwest Women together by enjoying and sharing some of our incredibly marvelous public lands, while getting us in shape, to be able to participate in the Outrageous Party on Mt. St Helens on Mother's Day. Every Mother's day, 1000's of climbers join together and climb Mt. St. Helens. . . . . ALL in dresses. . . . in honor of Mothers. The vibe is: Party. . .Celebrate. . .Camaraderie. . . Fun. . . Community. Most of the climbers are from the west side of our great state. This year, Spokane folk will be on the slopes. Hikes and climbs will be offered through this meet up in order to build up endurance, stamina, skills, friendships, and muscles, to be able to ultimately power up Mt. St. Helens on May 10, 2015. But, you do not need to commit to that climb to be able to participate in the offered events. The group will continue on, undoubtedly, beyond May 10, 2015 - to offer river kayaking, peak bagging, through hiking of the Kettle Crest etc.
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