Inland Northwest Hikers

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Welcome to Inland Northwest Hikers.

    When joining, please add the first initial of your last name to your profile.  We have several Adam's, Jeff's, Jennifer's, etc.

    Also, please make sure you added a clear, closeup photo of yourself to your profile. Your photo helps the hiking leaders connect a name to a face at the trailhead.  Thanks!

We are a group of hiking enthusiasts who love exploring our local area and sharing our experiences with others. We primarily focus on day hikes in our local area, and depending on the season, our organizers offer kayaking, snowshoeing cross country skiing trips as well as an occasional backpack.  The hikes range from easy to strenuous, steep backcountry wilderness trails. Our goal is to foster an atmosphere where people have an opportunity to enjoy getting out in a relaxed and social environment.

We regularly visit nearby areas such as Mt. Spokane, Riverside State Park, Latah Creek, Liberty Lake, as well as trails along the Little Spokane River. Weekends we often travel a few hours and hike locations in North Idaho, the Kettle Crest in North East WA and Central Washington. In the past five years, weve lead more than 700 hikes in these and other locations and continue to share the enjoyment and beauty of the local area with others.

We welcome hikers of all ages and abilities. We ask each hiker new to the group to choose hikes they can handle comfortably and show up at the trailhead prepared and responsible for what the event entails. If you're new to hiking or are just getting back to it after a few years, you can always start with one of the easier hikes, and as you progress, feel free to join us on more strenuous hikes later. Come and experience the Inland Northwest and all the local beauty our trails have to offer.

See you out there!

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