Spokane International Airport (GEG)

Address: 9000 W Airport Dr
Phone: (509) 455-6455
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  • Lance Kissler

    You can arrive about 30 min. before your flight and usually be OK (if you don't have checked luggage).
  • Marc Wolenik

    The walk from the rental car return to Alaska counter is looong
  • Christina Ethridge

    Carry an empty water bottle thru security. You can fill up at fountains on concourse.
  • Chris Pirnke

    When at the bar, get the beer and shot special. :)
  • Joe V

    The airport is boring if you have to wait.
  • Noah Beumer

    Pretty quick getting through security here.
  • Dustin Dudley

    TSA couldnt be more accomodating here. Makes travelling out of GEG a breeze!
  • Mike Mello

    No free wifi here
  • Thermos Goldstein

    No wifi. Really; what is this the Dark Ages?
  • Andrew Seroff

    Walk the length of Concourse C! Beat my time of 57 seconds!
  • Paige Eilenberg

    TSA Security Theater! GEG's agents are the most dramatic in the Northwest.
  • James Bennett

    Put your wallet phone ipods etc in your bad before going through screening. Makes the process way easier than trying to rush and strip everything off
  • Brandon Cosce

    Tip to GEG: There's nothing "complimentary" about limiting wifi to 20 min at an airport.
  • Mark Horvath

    If you're renting a car remember there are no gas stations close to the airport
  • Debbie Ross

    TSA agents sure are nice here.
  • Kyle Lacy

    Beware! Slowest baggage claim on the face of the planet.
  • Adrin Jordan

    Never a line for security. Arriving 30-40 minutes before your flight is more than enough time
  • Suzy Crisp

    Only 20 minutes of free WiFi?? Seriously! Give it up SIA!!
  • Scott Elias

    The pros and cons of small airports... Security can be a crapshoot. The agents are among the nicest I've met, but during that early morning rush of 5:30-7:30 flights, be ready to wait a bit.
  • EasyPark

    Rocking chairs are located in the waiting areas. Great way to unwind and rock your worries away
  • Dannelle W

    If you're on an early morning flight, leave some extra time for security. 5-7 flights going out at once!!! Plus it's a small airport so TSA can't handle it.
  • Wilfredo Toro

    You can feel like a magician by waving your hand in a sorcerer like manner in front of the motion activated napkins in the restroom. Awesome.
  • Christian Feisel

    Get gas for the rental car before arriving to the airport. Security is quick but the ticket counters can get congested so it is good to have your boarding pass before arriving.
  • John Wesley Durham

    TSA lines are super short, never had to wait long to get through security. Food choices are limited. If you are in the old terminal it is a long walk to the rental cars. Over nice airport.
  • Joey D

    Welcome to Spokane! I'm a local Foursquare SU2. If you see something wrong on 4sq (like duplicates or incorrect info) tweet me @Joeditty or add me & leave a comment on my latest check-in. Have fun!
  • Gordon

    Don't ditch your empty water bottle. Starbucks will fill it with filtered water for free.
  • Kendall Smith

    Offers free Boingo Hotspot Wifi for 20 minutes.
  • Amne Harrington

    Quaint airport. Easy to get through security. Not much to do if you have a wait, though. Walk to Alaska Airlines counter is VERY long.
  • Ari Christian Bautista

    Did you know the city of Spokane started Father's Day? Did you care?? DADDY!!!??!?
  • Debbie J

    Check in closes for Allegiant's flight to Hawaii 45 minutes prior to departure. Don't miss you vacation by arriving late! Check in early.
  • Raghav Parthasarathy

    There is a long line at the TSA early in the morning. For the flight at 5 45 am i reached the TSA at 5 and almost missed my flight.
  • Toni R.

    The airport Quiznos does not offer free refills and they don't tell you that up front... Makes the $0.20 extra initially for a large look really good.....
  • Evan[Bu]

    I know the answer to your question. Yes, there IS a Starbucks here. And, yes it is past security.
  • Diana

    Super fast and friendly security. The whiners about pat downs should complain to their congressmen, not here on FourSquare. This is the best airport to fly out of!
  • Ben George

    The biggest little international airport in Eastern Washington....
  • Suzanne Summar

    Free wifi for 20 minutes.
  • Ian Maddox

    If you're going via Alaska, you can always fly standby between here and Seattle or Portland.
  • Scott Clark

    Worst wifi in the northwest
  • Ashley L

    Small airport and pretty easy in and out. No free wifi though!
  • Nathan Richards

    Turn off your phone
  • Jaylene Clifford

    The quickest airport I've been too. Super easy and fast. Don't get there too early you'll have nothing to do except spend money on alcohol
  • Christina Ethridge

    The ramada inn has a park and fly package, up to 21 days of parking included. Definitely worth it for very early flights.
  • Matthew Rivera

    Super nice, mostly incompetent. It's a trade-off.
  • Danny Garcia

    For early Monday morning flights in the A and B terminals get there early. The security line tends to be very long.
  • Frank Lizzadro

    The most positive comment about this joint is that they have warm water in the bathroom.
  • Daniel Foucachon

    Love this airport. International, but home town feel. If your flight is national, 30 min is plenty early. TSA are good here too (they respect and honor opt outs, for example)
  • Samsonite

    Parking is on a "first come first served basis." However, the approximately 5,000 parking spaces only begin to reach capacity during the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays.
  • Matt Schumaker

    Apparently you get singled out for wearing layers of long underwear by the TSA. Next time they should buy me a cocktail before they pat me down like that.
  • etta y

    Shortest security line (or complete lack thereof) I've ever experienced in 3 decades+ of travel.
  • Caitlin Klein

    Going to vegas
  • DayTripper Diva

    Nice big Starbucks at AB departures. Pick up a 10% discount coupon from your airline - at least US Airways has them.
  • Amanda

    If you're flying American Airlines check in & get ur boarding pass at the Alaska counter.
  • Megan Brewer

    Park in the cell phone waiting parking lot. Saves on meter parking..... Free and helpful!
  • Mariama Rentoy

    They are busy early mornings so give enough time to check in luggage and be checked by the tsa. Check in online to save more time
  • Grahm Wiley-Camacho

    Quiet and quick!
  • Shane B

    40 minute wifi is not complimentary. What a joke...
  • Rob Wiebusch

    If you are a veteran then show your ID at Starbucks for a 10% 'airport discount' on anything you order.
  • Paul

    Get your free inner thigh massage as an alternative to naked body scanning. It's your right. Ask for Mike.
  • Laura Newman

    Keep your stuff close by
  • Russ Matthess

    So how does a 40 minute limit translate to free WiFi? GEG quit being cheap.
  • Rachel Cross

    Bring your empty water bottle. You can use the easy fill up stations past security and save a little cash!
  • Janine Anderson

    Easy in, easy out. And friendly, too! Expect quite a hike if you are renting a car, though.
  • B Angel

    Fast security. 40 min free wifi via Boingo
  • Russ Matthess

    If your best friend Jack gets on an airplane do not say hello....give it a second you'll get it.
  • Wieners of Waterton

    Taxi from Amtrak train station was $20. Only option at 3AM!
  • James Guzman

    Pre Check - FINALLY!!!
  • Carol Wilson

    Love the rocking chairs and the police dogs. TSA in mourning. Supervisor getting on to worker too loudly and unprofessionally.
  • Jeffrey-Ryan B.

    Great airport for those flying to Seattle on Alaska Airlines
  • Rod Infante

    TSA PreCheck. Nice!
  • Ryan Sharkey

    Spokane sucks!
  • Debrah ?

    The airport is small and security check is quick. A big contrast to Sky Harbor.
  • Joshua Butler

    Security is quick
  • Sharon Fisher

    There is no free wifi here. :-(
  • Brendan

    Be prepared. These guys are a bit over zealous at the security checkpoint.
  • Sean Hoffman

    Security here is like watching the Keystone cops. What a mess.
  • Mehmet Orun

    This is the friendliest airport I experienced in all my US travels.
  • Koni Grimsrud

    Don't forget to pack the Huckleberry Jam you buy in the famous flap Jack box... Airport security doesn't like it in your carry on. Ouch!
  • Keegan

    Stupidest TSA agents ever
  • Jacob Hales

    Mostly fast paced, but easily delayed.
  • Nick Pacheco

    Tip the damn shuttle drivers, much appreciated (;
  • Morgan Shipman

    If you're flight is coming in late and you're delayed, call the car rental people and let them know to stay
  • Jeremy Hart

    Try the runways!
  • Keith Tennant

    Showed up at 4 for a 6 o'clock flight. Stood around 30 minutes waiting on TSA to open the check point. Tax dollars well spent....
  • Joshua Howdyshell

    Southwest isn't open at 0400
  • Brendan

    You can keep renewing your wifi even after the first 20 minutes.
  • Matthew Grubbs

    TSA does not open until well after 5:00 AM so don't waste your time being early for the 5:45 flight!
  • Tom Purdum

    Stop at the liquor store and get some mini bottles. You can fit about 9 in a quart ziplock. TSA could care less.
  • Eric F

    Chilis is one of the best food options. Sadly its slower that snot uphill in the winter
  • Jeff Butler

    Delta does not have e-boarding passes here.
  • Kirk Smick

    Got to do the Starbucks, but they are slow.
  • Telcel Oficial

    Activa el Paquete Viajero Internacional Telcel al *500 an si ests en Spokane u otras ciudades del extranjero. Ms informacin en http://bit.ly/O2jGgJ
  • Kat Pashley

    Screw united airlines!!!!!!
  • Joy Keesling

    If you land at A or B but your next flight departs from C, DO NOT BUY ANYTHING TO DRINK! You have to go back thru security!!!!!!
  • Jillana Ballantine

    What, no priority access?
  • Meagan Renick

    Be sure that you get here more than 30 minutes before your flight time. That'd the policy. Try to check in after that and they will bump you
  • Sam DeAtley

    Buy a plane ticket, get molested by Tsa...
  • Brad Ford

    Good tsa crew..
  • Coleman Timothyy

    Free WiFi now.
  • Chris Desforges

    20 min free wifi via Boingo. A bit slow but just enough to replicate email upon arrival.
  • Alisa Bicandi

    Do not come only 30 minutes prior, you will miss your check cut off time and miss your flight.
  • Bill Boston

    The STA no. 60 bus runs from downtown to the airport, only takes 20 mins and costs only $1.50
  • Jon

    Zero points for check in happens often, not certain where to check in for points. Tips?
  • Tim Wiebe

    Picking up Son One + crew!
  • Chris Vincent

    Slowest baggage claim in the country. I travel 3 times a month and GEG is the slowest.
  • Beth Hayes

    I picked up a Collectivus Yellow Duckie Thingie here. Look for Thingies near here too.
  • Beth Hayes

    I dropped a Collectivus Yellow Duckie Thingie here. Look for Thingies near here too.
  • Jillana Ballantine

    The first time I didn't ever have to wait at the southwest gate to check my bag....a great way to start the day!
  • Adrik Henkle

    Wear a kilt through security. Wear it traditionally. XD
  • AudioBrad

    Never fly frontier. Terrible customer service.
  • Grayson Thagard

    Tightest security I've ever experienced. Take EVERYTHING out of your pockets.
  • Matthew Redding

    I you have a hernia sticking out of your abdomen, be prepared to be embarrassed by TSA to show them your bare stomach.
  • Brian Griffith

    They've gotten the naked picture machines here!
  • Jay Becraft

    David's Pizza sucks!!!
  • Kathy Berger

    Early flight LONG security line
  • Jerry

    lack of open food placies for early morning flights so bring that McDonalds or something similar with you
  • Chris Vincent

    In B section, don't get the coffee from Aurora pub. Not a coffee snob but the worst cup o joe. Go back to Starbucks in the main terminal.
  • Tim Robinson

  • Rajya Bhaiya

    When renting from Avis make sure you drive more than 75 miles and have a gas receipt before returning th car. Otherwise they charge $14/day
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