NorthTown Mall

Address: 4750 N Division St
Phone: (509) 482-0209
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Category: Mall
Check Ins: 6879


  • Sarah Phillips

    Awesome food court selection!
  • Brandon O'Brien

  • Rob Phillips

    See the puppies and the reptiles!
  • Rob Chamberlain

    They have a reptile store!!!!
  • Brendan Smith

    Come visit me at Spencer's gifts and pick up some awesome little trinkets =)
  • Mark Denney

    This mall is lacking in so many things. It used to be a great place. Valley mall is much better. Probably poor management.
  • Glenn DeNike

    Doing what I do best
  • David McCarthy

    Most of my birthday presents I buy here. Great theatre for "double features" too
  • Nicole Nelson

    Attention Geeks! Go visit the Comic Book Shop downstairs by Barnes & Noble. Nice selection of comics, graphic novels, merchandise, manga, and games.
  • Tsuki Charis

    Also not a bad place to charge a phone: the pillar by Precision Time, on the Zales corner side.
  • Ross Quintana

    Really good mall
  • Dillan Beers

    Check out the reptile store
  • Lee Brashear

    Go to GNC for Pumpfuel and Amplify XL, best pre workout and postworkout supplements in town.
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