River Park Square

Address: 808 W Main Ave
Phone: (509) 363-0304
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Category: Mall
Check Ins: 7216


  • KHQ-TV

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  • Kari Baxter

    Great park when it's nice out, historic carousel, giant red wagon, imax theater, food vendor, fountain, park, shopping across the street
  • KW Northwest Region

    Good selection of shopping and dining options.
  • Maria Obeso-Tucker

    Great ice cream.
  • Russ Matthess

    Mall management needs to spend a little money and quit using one ply toilet paper. No fun wiping and having ur finger break through the toilet paper
  • World Trophy Accordion

    Very Good Mall for everything - Shopping, Live Music, Movies, etc...
  • Barb Chamberlain

    Bike rack under parking garage ramp on north side/Spokane Falls Blvd, & one out front on Main Ave. Streetside.
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